Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hurricanes and homeschools

No this isn't another update on Katrina or Rita. This is about my own personal hurricanes that can seem to erupt at a moments notice before any evacuation plan is available. Or so that is what my children are now calling their squabbles and disagreements.

We have been reading the Thinking Toolbox. And in Lesson 2, the "Brothers Bluedorn" , talk about the difference between a discussion, a disagreement, an argument, and a fight. When I finished reading the lesson and the exercises my insightful son said, "Mom, these are like categories of a hurricane. The more heated the discussion the higher the category." Now my children are beginning to identify their squabbles by category. (To read my review of this book click here.)

With that in mind, I am pleased to see that Chris O'Donnell and Scott Somerville have kept their discuussion of HoNDA to a Category 2. It's done over several posts so make sure you read them all.

Our Candadian friends at ATypicalHomeschool have a nice roundup on many of the blogs who are keeping track of this legislation as well.


Also, make sure that you follow the discussion in the comments here. I have learned so much from the wonderful people who took the time to comment. Thanks!

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