Monday, September 19, 2005

HONDA is NOT good news for Homeschoolers

UPDATE: I knew Scott Somerville couldn't stay away for too long. He blogs a response to the HoNDA legislation here.

Today is my daughters birthday so I 'll be busy today. But if anyone has blogged about this issue for or against I would like to know. People feel strongly on both sides so I would like to get as many thoughts on it as possible.

HONDA (Homeschooler Non Discrimination Act HR 3753) is back in Congress and this isn't good news for homeschoolers. (NOTE: to find text check search by Bill number and type in HR 3753)

HSLDA supports this legislation. Many others don't.

This sentence taken from this site pretty much sums up my thougts on this.

While the intent of the bill may be honorable, the effect of the bill is potentially disastrous for homeschooling parents who want to remain free from government regulation. This is because the federal government has no constitutional authority to directly regulate the education of homeschooled students, whether that regulation is for the benefit of the students or not.

Homeschooling A- Z has some websites to help you get to know what this is all about.

Here's an e-mail round-up I received to help you help you figure out where you stand. (My apologies for not making this look a little more nicely and hyperlinking but I didn't have time.)

And Susan at Homeschooling In Illinois, Agent Tim and O'Donnel on the Web all have posts about it as well.

That should keep you reading for most of the weekend anyway.

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