Friday, September 23, 2005

High school the new college

Daryl linked to an article yesterday that is worth thinking about. Here's his excerpt

an interesting education experiment (reg. req'd) - dual enrollment for the last two years of high school. Florida Gulf Coast University hopes to start recruiting in December or January students who want to attend the university's Collegiate High School set to launch next fall.

Juniors and seniors from public high schools will qualify for state tuition waivers and have their books paid for under a dual enrollment program that would make it possible for a student to earn an associate's degree or two years toward a college education by the time his or her high school graduation rolls around.

This is an interesting development that is just starting to take place in a few other states as well. The state is counting the last two years of high school as college and starting to pay for it. It's really a part of the K-16 restructuring of education.

Helen in her comments underneath the post gave me a link to an article "Taking Charge" by Larry and Susan Kaseman that succinctly describes what is going on here. All homeschooles should read it. Although, the article is dated 1997 much of the information is still good even if some of the terminology has changed slighttly. It is no longer called School-to-Work but the implementation of the plan is still going strong.

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