Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Germany: An Insider's View

Agent Tim and Alex Harris (brother of Josh Harris "I Kissed Dating Goodbye") teamed up to interview Hans Guenther.
Hans lives in Germany with his parents and siblings. His father, Rich Guenther, is the director of School Instruction at Home, the German equivalent of HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense). Serving his parents as a secretary in their endeavors to legalize homeschooling, Hans graciously consented to the interview, giving us an inside look at the current situation for homeschoolers in Germany.
Here's a couple excerpts from the interview:

TR: How bad is the persecution against homeschoolers in Germany today?

HG: Generally speaking, the government first applies financial pressure by issuing tremendous fines of up to hundreds of thousands of euros [Note: 1 euro = $1.24]. The next step often taken is taking the child by police force to school. Most families comply or leave the country before this takes place. In some cases, the state takes the custody of the children away from the parents, forcing the child to live in a foster home. In such instances, the state typically refuses to inform the parents of their child's whereabouts. The authorities argue, and judges affirm, that a child cannot develop properly apart from public school attendance.

AT: Would you say that the actions by the government are "control of society"?

HG: The government is enforcing integration. In their own words, multiculturalism is over, now everyone must integrate into the society. The government defines the societal values.

Many of the states here in the US are patterning our "reform" after Germany. So what's going on in here could happen to us down the road.

Excellent job Tim and Alex!

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