Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Culture of Confusion

Patricia Hunter sent me this article on "TV, changing standards make it tough for schools to define unacceptable profanity" Here's the problem according to school officials,

Boca High found last year that some of the school's best students were getting suspended for cursing, blemishing their otherwise clean records. Administrators questioned whether pervasive profanity on television was sending a confusing message about what is acceptable in society.

"Societal standards have changed dramatically regarding acceptable language. If our policies do not change with societal standards, we set up our students for failure."

So they are rethinking their standards because the "bright" kids are getting suspended and a bad record is the result. Instead of teaching students the proper use of language, administrators relax the standards and blame TV for confusing what is acceptable for society.

So who do the guardians of our children's minds look to for a role model of proper languange usage. The parents, good literature, or church leaders? No. They send them back to the TV.
Boca High told students to use television newscasters as their models for contemporary word usage. The newscasters speak extemporaneously without using profanity, McKee said.
And of course those dutiful students will turn the TV off right after their "English lesson" and get right to their homeword. Without watching the shows right after the news. Yeah right! And they wonder why our nations children are so confused.

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