Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Bible and Its Influence

Here is the book I'm sure the ACLU has been waiting for.....The Bible and Its Influence. The first Bible textbook for use in the public schools. Here's what the press release says,

A STUDENT TEXTBOOK: The first and only student textbook on the Bible for public high school courses in 30 years. Explains the narratives, themes, and characters of the Bible. Students read from the Bible translation of their choice. Respects but does not promote various faith perspectives.

CULTURAL CONTEXT: Covers the cultural influences of the Bible - with examples of art, literature, rhetoric and music - in engaging features like The Bible in Literature, Cultural Connections (music, art, rhetoric), and Into Everyday Language. Special one or two-page features include Abraham Lincoln and the Bible, Handel's Messiah, The Bible and Emancipation, Shakespeare and the Bible, and others.

RESPECTS FAITH PERSPECTIVES: Presents facts academically, without prejudice to a particular view of canon and doctrine, preserving the ability of parents to teach their view of the Bible's religious significance.

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