Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Why Public Education?

In the book, Real Choice, Real Freedom, Kerry Morgan offers three main arguments for the civil government's control of education. He states,

1. State control of education is necessary, because an educated populous is essential to good citizenship and the perpetuation of our democratic government.

2. State control of education is necessary, because it ensures the transmission of commonly held American cultural values essential to the population of our institutions.

3. Education is necessary to take care of the poor that would not be educated any other way. The rich will never voluntarily pay for the education of the poor.

Are there other reasons why we have a public education controlled by the civil government? I understand that there are also variations on these three but are there others? This is for a long term project I'm working on. But I'd love to find out if there are other reasons for a public education system. I will also go over how he answers these arguments in subsequent posts but feel free to let your thoughts be known about these arguments as well.

Note: Kerry Morgan, is an attorney and homeschool father of 5 in Southeastern Michigan and a personal friend.

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