Monday, August 15, 2005

Who's News In Bloggerville

If you're looking for a reason to continue home educating then look no further than the great kids who put together Virtue Magazine. Jake and Alex of Still Thinking have redone the e-zine and helped get a new Virtue blog up and running. One of the contributing writers to the magazine and blog happens to be Spunky Jr. It's wonderful to see young adults who are putting their time and talents to such productive use.

Contributing Virtue writer, Agent Tim, also has done an indepth interview with fellow blogger and German resident, Jeannine about education and life and Germany.

Choosing Home is having an article drive. They are looking for encouraging articles on homeschooling. Choose from one of the following Topics:

A. A Typical Day in Our Homeschool (please include specifics on curriculum--that's always so helpful!)

B. Our Family's Homeschool Philosophy

C. Homeschooling Lessons--What We've Learned from Educating Our Children


And here's a new site that I just found at called Nature Never Stops Talking by author Sam Alibrando. That's also the name of a book he's written on intelligent design due out on August 15th. His blog is excellent. Not a dry textbook blog. Easy and fun to read. (Black background aside.) And he's looking for a few people to help get the word out about his new book (excellent opportunity for older students). I'm going to make his blog part of our weekly science reading and I hope to get my hands on a copy of his book too!

This BLOG is important to me because there are so many fast changes and unfortunately, tactics used to undermine the credibility of Intelligent Design. I do not discuss any of these things in the book but I can discuss these things on this BLOG.

And while I'm talking about don't miss Blogger of the Week Kim from Upward Call who also has a homeschool blog called Transformity. She wrote an excellent piece on courtship Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four. Definitely worth reading.

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