Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Trouble Ahead?

Calvary Christian has taken the CA university system to court over alleged discriminisation. Here's the story.
The University of California system rejected that school's coursework in biology, physics, history, government and English because of the texts used in the courses. The texts were published by Bob Jones University Press or A Beka Book, or both, Bird said. Both are conservative Christian publishing companies.
This could be a troubleseome trend against homeschoolers as well if this situation is allowed to stand. Many homeschoolers also use Bob Jones and Abeka and thus might also be considered "weak" in those areas. I wonder if this will extend to homeschoolers?

The university system defends it action stating,
"The texts in question are primarily religious texts; science is secondary."
Interesting distinction. We should all keep an eye on this one.

Hat tip: Joanne Jacobs

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