Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A sub-sphere of influence

Freshblog talks about something that I have often thought about alot.

I would like to suggest that blogs can also have multiple identities. A blog might be very strong on a single topic that only a few folks are interested in, & therefore be a big blog in a small sphere, whilst also commenting less definitively on bigger issues, & taking a peripheral place in a larger phere.

There's a social aspect to this too. Regular readers, commenters and subscribers here form a sphere of sorts that has very little to do with any "top 500" action, but has a great deal to do with how this site develops from day-to-day. Those readers also contribute to other spheres, many of which I am not a part of. That sense of multiple developing communities is one of the things that I find so involving (addictive?) about this process.

This is very true for me. I gravitate in and out of a variety of sub-spheres and read about alot of different issues but my blog is education and family related (a sub-sphere). I would have to work alot harder at this than I am willing to and probably write about things that I don't desire to - in order to make it in the larger sphere. So rising status is a non-issue for me. But I do find it interesting all the sub-spheres that are generated and the popularity of the bloggers among them. More interesting is reading all the strong well written opinion on a given issue. Things I would never imagine thinking about, others spend all day dwelling on.

Blogging is an amazing thing when you think about it. People who would otherwise never interact are doing so on a daily basis exchanging thoughts and ideas.

Does anyone else think about this too? Or am I just becoming one of the crazy nuts in the sphere that others just shake their heads and wonder...Why is she talking about that?

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