Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Schedules and Priorities

Many of us are beginning to think about the fall. From our youth we've been trained to think of it as the "start" of the school year. Even though we attempt to school year round there is still something to the fall that presents itself as a "new year".

I usually begin by cleaning up the and organizing our books and shelves to make room for new materials. That is usually the easy part.

Along with that, comes organizing our goals and activities for the year and each child. That is not an easy task with six children. But there is a resource designed by a mother of 8 that I have found extremely helpful.

The MOTH Book by Terri Maxwell. This book helps to parents determine what their priorities and goals are for each child. And then helps fit all the activities associated with the goals into the day. So that you can "get it all done". I don't use the book exactly as designed but it is a useful resource to help orgranize activities and make sure the things you're doing on a given day are the things that will help you accomplish your goals.

Maybe when I get our schedule done I'll post it!

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