Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Revolution of Blogging

La Shawn Barber did a post over the weekend looking at whether the blogging revolution has ended. In the piece she offers advice to those that homeschool and would like to enter the blogosphere. It is great info and worth a read. Here's a peek,
Homeschooling: now that's blogosphere gold yet to be dug. Don't let the number of homeschooling blogs discourage you. It's how you gather and process the information that sets you apart. To build an expertise in homeschooling, you'll have to make the effort to do actual reporting and information gathering.
And someone trying to do just that is Agent Tim. He has started a website called Wake Up the NEA. He's trying to get a counter campaign going to the Wake Up Walmart campaign started by the NEA.

Wake up the NEA!

If you're interested put this button on your blog and let everyone know that you're shopping at Walmart for your school supplies. Make sure you also leave a comment at Wake Up the NEA and let Tim know you support him. He's also looking for others to help out.

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