Saturday, August 27, 2005

Media bias?

Here's a video clip that aired Thursday during the 10PM news in Oklahoma. It is worth watching to see how the media is portraying homeschooling.

The reporter is dicussing homescholing and the need for government oversight for homeschooling because of abuse and neglect. The story is contradictory because it is obvious in this case that when there is true abuse the laws are available and applied.

Abuse is sad in any family - homeschoolers included. There are church and legal remedies to help in these situations. But increased regulation of the homeschooling community accomplishes nothing to help in that effort. But more and more stories like this are going to be used to create a ground swell of support for increased government regulation.

One of my favorite quotes might apply here,
"When you break the big laws,you do not get liberty,you do not even get anarchy. You get the small laws." G. K. Chesterton
Holy Family School provides a detailed transcript with their analysis.

Hat Tip: Jake Smith who also lives in OK and offers his thoughts as well.

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