Tuesday, August 23, 2005

HSLDA lawyer starts blog

Scott Scomerville has started a blog called Somerschool (fitting name!) at Homeschoolblogger.com. Here's some of his first post.

From my vantage point at HSLDA, I've gotten to know a lot of families here one or more children has turned away. Sometimes it's easy to see why--a self-righteous and controlling mother, or an angry father who "exasperates" his children instead of modelling the Heavenly Father's love. But there are other times when there is no earthly reason why a child should turn away.

If homeschooling was a magic "recipe" that always turned out good little Christians, it would be perplexing. Why would Jesus need to die on a cross if we could get the same results with an educational method?

If God ignored the faitfh and prayers of parents who lay down their lives to lead their children to Christ, it would be perplexing. When Jesus tells us to ask "anything" in His name, surely He meant to include the thing we long for most: the salvation of our children!

For now, I resolve my perplexities by reminding myself that these children who turn away are still children, in a real sense. They have a lot of life ahead of them. It is right for us to weep over them as they stray... but they are prodigals, by and large, and the story isn't over yet. Let us keep asking our Heavenly Father to bring them home!

Wise words from a father of 6 who understands who is really in control of our children.

Scott is a staff attorney with HSLDA. His wife Marcia is the author of Tapestry of Grace curriculum. It is great to see him blogging. I plan on making his blog a daily read.

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