Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Heard Around the Kitchen Sink

Mom: Josh, come dry these dishes please.

Josh: Yes mom. (Continues to play.)

Mom: Josh, I asked you to come dry the dishes.

Josh: Sorry, I guess I didn't hear you.

Mom: But you said, "yes mom."

Josh: I must not have been listening then. (Starts to dry the dishes.)

Mom: Remember, what does a wise son do?

Josh: Listens to his mother's instruction.

Mom: Right, (moving into sermon mode) God had to tell us to do the things that do not come naturally. A son must be told to be attentive to his mother's instruction because it is not usually in his nature to do so.

(Jason enters conversation to rescue his brother from a mommy lecture.)

Jason: Did God have to tell us to eat? (Great diversionary tactic.)

Mom: No, God had to tell us not to eat too much.

Josh: Hmm, How can you be an American and a Christian then?

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