Sunday, August 28, 2005

From Basic to Baghdad

I have two sons who, from time to time, have contemplated going into the military. Recently, the book From Basic to Baghdad has been circulating around our house. All three of my older children have read it. Now it's finally my turn.

The book is written by homeschool graduate JB Hogan and son of Maggie Hogan. It's a compilation of his letters home that his mom then distributed by e-mail to anyone interested. I'm about half way through the book. I'm reviewing it for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. So look for a formal review there. But I will say I am enjoying it tremendously. With all the press a certain military mom is getting lately, I hope people will find time to read about all the ordinary kids who are willing to sacrfice their time and lives for our freedom.

While I'm talking about the military, here's an inspiring story of another military hero, David Rozelle, who doesn't claim victim status and triumphs over his circumstances and in the process encourages many others. (His book, Back in Action, will probably make it's way to our shelves eventually.)

And, I should also mention BlestWithSons, who is homeschooling her boys while her husband is fighting in the Middle East. Personally, I think he got the easier assignment. (She ought to write a book too!)

These men and women are heros to me and I wish they could get just some of the airtime that others are getting. (If you're a military family, I'd love to know about you.)

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