Monday, August 01, 2005

Enterprising Bloggers

So many bloggers have started businesses lately that I thought I let you know about some of the one's I've been checking out.

Jake at Still Thinking is a whiz at blogs and HTML. (He redid my template.) If you need something big or small done online he and his buddy Alex can do it. They're homeschooled too!

Tami has Discount Homeschool Supplies (Lots of curriculum at great prices!)

Victoria has Homeschool Mom (Homeschool stuff for moms and dads)

Carla has The Homeschool Store (Nifty homeschool attire!)

Mrs. Happy Housewife has the Happy Housewife Blog wear (Totally cute!)

Stacy has the Mind and Media Store

Feel free to let us know about you!

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