Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dumbing them down

I might just have to carry this in my purse and hand it out when someone asks why I homeschool. This is from a new teacher who just finished the certification process. With teacher training like this...it should be obvious why we I won't let them teach my children.

I might be a better teacher if I had actually been challenged in this process.(snip)

Weekly quizzes came from the textbook's website, and my classmates and I quickly figured out that, by using the browser's back button, one could get answers for and resubmit the quizzes endlessly without losing points.(snip)

The reading instructor was a kindergarten teacher who had never taught the course before. The class average on weekly assignments was 100 percent.

I was out of town when the short answer, open-book midterm was posted and reaked out when I realized I had left my book at home. Over the phone, THE GREATEST ROOMMATE EVER kindly gave me some key points from the text. I put in about 30 minutes of work and scored a, you guessed it, 100%.

If I wasn't already sure I had made the right choice to homeschool, this just put me at 100%!

Hat tip: Joanne Jacobs

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