Monday, August 29, 2005

The Breakfast of Big Government

I have written extensively on a parent's willingness to outsource more and more of their responsibilities to the schools and state. Here comes another example courtesy of Edwonk....The Power Breakfast.
When kids head back to school this fall, many will be starting the day off right with a quick, nutritious breakfast --at school.Before that first bell rings, ready-to-eat Breakfast Breaks(TM) will be served in school cafeterias, in classrooms, and even right off the school bus, which many schools hope will increase participation in the federally-funded national School Breakfast Program.
The breakfast of champions courtesy of the federal government. And why are they looking to increase participation in the program?

Why don't they just take the children full time and let the parents check them out like a library book when they want to spend time with them? It seems to be the next logical step don't you think?

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