Monday, August 15, 2005

At Home In Michigan

Interesting read in the Sunday Detroit News about homeschooling. This paragraph will have the MEA shuttering.

Joyce Burgess, a founder of the National Black Home Educators Resource association, said a growing number of families are looking for an alternative. "We are fed up with the public school system," Burgess said.

"African-American families have seen the horrors of what has happened: children who aren't being taught to read, dangerous situations in the schools. New moms and dads are deciding they just aren't going to go that route."

If this kind of thinking get's around...someone's not going to like it. And with the failing Detroit school system, parents are definitely looking for alternatives.

And hooray to my friends Gary and Kathy Holcomb for helping all they can to make sure people know what those alternatives are. From the same article,

Kathy and Gary Holcomb started homeschooling their children in 1988. They now organize homeschool seminars and support-group meetings in Southfield. They
publish a monthly newsletter mailed to about 1,000 Metro Detroit families.

"We started with our kids, pulled them out of a private school. We couldn't afford it," Gary Holcomb said. "Back then, our meetings were mostly suburban people. Now our groups are probably half African-Americans from the city."

The Holcomb's have done and excellent job educating their children and their positive influence in homeschooling is felt all over the city.

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