Monday, July 18, 2005

Keeping them safe

As I was walking into the grocery story some time ago, I glanced to my right and noticed a frail older woman walking with her son. She had a cane in her left hand and was holding the elbow of an adult man (I assumed her son) to steady herself as she walked. As they neared the entrance to the store a car came into their path. Instinctively, the mother took her hand off his elbow and held it across his chest. Her actions indicated that she worried about the safety of her son as he crossed the parking lot. The story is humorous in one sense. A frail old woman is no match for the man or the car. But yet her mother's heart is always ready to nurture and protect her "young". I thought about that story when I read Michelles comment on my blog,

I so much want to keep them home and protect them from hurts,
We all do. But that is not always possible. The best way to protect them from hurts is to trust in the one who can watch over them at all times. Just as the mother entering the store, we can try to protect them from what they may encounter. But we are often out matched in our strength and abilities. Trusting the Lord will provide us with the security we need to provide our children with the confidence they need to survive whatever they encounter.

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