Saturday, July 30, 2005

It's Saturday....

.....and the sun is shining. The air condtioning is OFF and the temperature is fabulous. It is not a day to be inside blogging. And in obedience to my own husband I must go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Yes, dear!

I have appreciated all the comments about our posts on Created to be His Help Meet both publically and by e-mail. Your stories and critical analysis both postive and negative are helpful. Thank you for the feedback. The discussion is far from over. Please feel free to add your thoughts at any time. We read them all.

I have not taken any criticism personally. I am not upset that someone may disagree nor am I mad at anyone. I only ask that if you disagree that it based on the substance of what we have shared and that you correctly state our postions and not leave the impression that we are attacking the Pearl's personally or that we disagree with everything in the book. Neither is true.
Also, if you have written something with a reference to us or our website that you provide a link so that others can verify what we said and that is being portrayed accurately. I agree with Michael Pearl when he stated in his newsletter from May of 1999.
I am one that believes in the free disssemination of and access to information. Each person must assume responsibility for his own beliefs and actions. It does not disturb me when others differ with me, nor am I alarmed when I differ with others. Truth stands alone. We must be on its side, it will never be on ours.

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