Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'll Be Back

UPDATE 7/21: We are still reviewing and editting the post. My husband has a busy work schedule today and finding time to write is difficult.

My husband and I have not finished the second post yet in my review of Created to Be His Help Meet. I hope to post it tomorrow. Part One is here. Sorry for the mult-day posting. But there is just too much to cover in one day.

On a different topic, here is an interesting blog for you and your children to be aware from Voice of the Martyr's about the persecuted church. It is done by Stacy Harp of Mind and Media. Blogging is alot of fun but when you read a blog like Persecution you realize that it has great potential for impact in exposing the sad situations around the world and making a difference for Christ in what we write. Here's the link Persecution.

Which is another reason to start a blog. And if you start one at Homeschool blogger. If you hurry you could even win a free subscription to the magazine. It's amazing how this has grown. I think I was number 70.

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