Saturday, July 16, 2005

An excellent point!

There were a few reasons why I shared my story this past week From Honeymoons to Happy Homes. Mainly, I wanted to finally write it down so that my children will have a little bit of history about our marriage. But I also wanted to share so that others who may read it would be encouraged to seek the Lord and desire grow in their marriages. I was glad when I visited BlestwithSons and read that she was encouraged not to copy what I had done but to seek the Lord herself. Here's what she said,

I read Spunky's adventure in submission, and the treasures she has reaped from it, and I think, "Hey! I want that! I'll do what Spunky did! I'll email my husband in Iraq and tell him he needs to make the decisions about how we are going to homeschool." But there's one small problem. Okay, one big problem. I'm not Spunky. And God has not told me to do what Spunky did. I'm not saying He won't eventually tell me to do what she did...But I haven't actually asked Him yet. And is my motivation in wanting to copy Spunky truly the desire to be submissive? Or is it just female trickery in trying to force my husband to lead the way I think he should lead? And can I instantly assume that because I read something on a blog which resonated with me that it is conviction from the Lord that I am to do the same thing? Maybe. Maybe not.

I think the resonance definitely shows me that I have room to grow in the submission department... Lots of room, actually. I need to take what I've learned from Spunky, and instead of copying her actions, copy her attitude. I need to go to my Father in prayer and ask Him to show me what he would have me do.

Amen, that is exactly the response we should all have when we read something encouraging that the Lord has done in the lives of others. Thanks for making the point.

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