Saturday, July 02, 2005

A Blog Virus

Our computer with dial up service caught a virus Thursday night. That meant we were down to one computer with DSL and one with nothing at all. Since my husband works from home as a financial planner and has started a blog at Homeschoolblogger his work is the priority. That means my computer time will be more limited for a while.

Yesterday, I had to finish the
Blogger of the Week for homeschoolblogger, so I went to a coffee shop that also has internet. After sending off the post I went home. I found my mind constantly wondering about my blog all day. And I was getting a little mad at myself for not being able to concentrate on anything else. What did I ever think about before I started blogging? I realized that the computer isn't the only one with a virus.

I think I've coming down with a bad case of the blogs.

As the day went on I was a little more focused. We went to the library and I was able to check my e-mail for a few minutes. But then it was off to help the children find their books and head home for supper. My hubby is having dinner tonight with my dad so I took the children for a swim. I found myself more relaxed at the pool. I sat out with Elaina while the other children splashed and played. What a joy to just sit and watch them!

Blogging is alot of fun. But I didn't realize how much it has a hold on my thought life. I realize some of this might be because homeschool blogger is just getting started and I am involved in the process somewhat. But I don't want blogging to be the center of my life! That place is reserved for Christ alone. He should control my thought life.

So I am thankful that my computer has a virus. Hopefully, by the time the computer is cured I will be too! Please pray for a quick healing!

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