Monday, June 27, 2005

Too Busy to Share

"Mom?" my son Jason asked, "Are those people Christians?" (He was pointing to my neighbor's house.)

"I don't know." I replied.

"Well then, don't you think we ought to go and talk to them and find out?" He pressed.

"Yes, honey I suppose we should." I answered, as I began to shuffle the five small children inside and shift my thoughts to dinner.

That was a conversation I had with my son Jason when he was about 7 or 8 years old. He had heard a sermon about our need to share Christ with our neighbors. He wanted to put it into action. I wanted to cook dinner. How I wished I had listened to him.

A week later, the wife died of a heart attack in the back seat of her car. The husband, a diabetic died a few weeks after that. I felt awful. Not just because they had died but because I clearly missed out on an opportunity to talk with them about the Lord.

I made a commitment at that time to make sure my life was never so busy that the sharing my faith would be crowded out. I pray that each week the Lord would bring people to me that need to hear a word of encouragement or hope. God hasn't called me to go to a foreign land but as a believer there are plenty of "foreigners" to the Gospel. My children say that I am a "Meijer Missionary". And it's true, I have so many opportunities at the grocery store to share my faith. I often hunt for the longest line in the grocery store and pray that the Lord would give me an opportunity to encourage someone as we're waiting. (Okay, it's wierd but true.)

This weekend, the Lord provided a few such opportunities. One with a family at Wal Mart and another with a woman at the lake. I usually come away from those conversations more challenged to live a life for Christ an glad I took the time to share.

As for my neighbors, I was able to talk with their daughter-in-law. The family was a Christian family and the father a retired pastor. But that event was a wake up call to me. I never want my children to see mom again as too busy or too in a hurry to take the time to share again.

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