Thursday, June 30, 2005

Taking God out of Education

How can you write a term paper about Religion and Governement and not mention God? But that's exactly what Bethany Hauf's college professor wanted her to do. Take out the big "G" word.
Hauf's teacher approved her term paper topic — Religion and its Place within the Government — on one condition: Don't use the word God. Instead of complying with VVCC adjunct instructor Michael Shefchik's condition Hauf wrote a 10-page report for her English 101 class entitled "In God We Trust.""He said it would offend others in class," Hauf, a 34-year-old mother of four, said. "I didn't realize God was taboo."
She refused to comply and failed the term paper and ended the term with a C in the class. She is appealing the decision with the help of ACLJ. She argues,
"I don't lose my First Amendment rights when I walk into that college," Hauf said. She is demanding an apology from the teacher and that the paper be re-graded.
Where is the anti-censorship crowd on this one?

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Joanne Jocobs

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