Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The "real world" and our mission

Tom Brokaw gave the commencement address at Darmouth here's part of how he views the world,

The world you're about to enter is filled with adolescent pettiness, pubescent rivalries, the insecurities of 13-year-olds and the false bravado of 14-year-olds. Forty years from now, I guarantee it, you'll still be making silly mistakes, you'll have a temper tantrum, you'll have your feelings hurt for some trivial slight, you'll say something dumb and at least once a week you'll wonder, "Will I ever grow up?"

You can change that. In pursuit of passions, always be young. In your relationship with others, always be a grown-up. Set a standard and stay faithful to it.

In this new life you'll have to think of money in a new way. I know this is strange to realize but now you're gonna have to earn it. You should also think about how you can hang on to some of it and, if you're fortunate, use the money beyond what you need to save a life, save a neighborhood, save a community, save the world.
You may be surprised to learn that is the use of the money that you will earn over your lifetime that is the most gratifying. (snip)

Become a missionary in this great, common cause - at home, at work, among friends. What could be more noble or worthwhile than to save a forest, preserve a wilderness, protect a wetlands? To save the world?

So the chief end of man is to grow up, finally earn our own way, and if we're fortunate enough to hang on to some of it, (is that before taxes or after taxes?) we're supposed to become missionaries to save the world.

Graduates, what are you waiting for "Go ye into all the world and make wetlands?"

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