Monday, June 13, 2005

The power of blogging

Don't underestimate the influence one blog can make in the blogosphere and in the media. Check out the stats of Michelle Malkin. She's celebrating her one year anniversary and posted her stats on the number of people who read her blog. (I have been reading her blog for about 9 months.)

Total visits as of today, 12:30pm: 6,341,092

Average Per Day 53,639

Average Visit Length 0:17

Total page views as of today, 12:30pm: 8,663,273

Average Per Day 72,033

Average Per Visit 1.3

Granted she has the help of TV to boost her stats. But still it is still fascinating to realize that those whose voice would at one time been ignored are becoming a powerful influence. Keep blogging and you'll be amazed at the people God will have you reach. You may not reach the heights of Michelle Malkin but your "sphere" of influence is no less important.

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