Friday, June 03, 2005

Need another reason to homeschool

I'm a few days late reading this but it's still worth noting that with educators who think like this it isn't hard to see why more and more parents are choosing to homeschool.
Setting aside their capacity to abuse or exploit their children, the parent-child relationship has coercive or choice-inhibiting tendencies; that is, parents are unable to give their children access to a limitless range of choices, because they are limited by their own knowledge and means, and also because they demand more of their children than they would have a right to expect of them merely as fellow citizens. This creates a gap wherein parents lose the moral right to make all choices for their children and yet where these children do not have the full capacity to choose freely for themselves. Schools occupy this gap.This has some interesting implications, about which I plan to write more. One of these implications is the permissibility of home or private schooling. Children must be sheltered from indoctrination; that is, exposure to one viewpoint to the exclusion of all others. Home schooling sits in very dangerous territory.
Thankfully Daryl, Chris, and Ron and a gal named Jeanne did the heavy lifting (read the comments) so the rest of us can stay busy indoctrinating our children in peace.

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