Friday, June 24, 2005

Living my dream and LaShawn's too!

I often joke that when my last child graduates from high school, I will have homeschooled for nearly 40 years. Some may consider that a desert but for me it's the promised land.

I love being a wife, stay-at-home mother, and educating as many children as God chooses to give us. I also love writng and have even found a niche to get paid a few pennies for my thoughts. I guess you could say I'm living my dream.

While my life is not appealing to many,
La Shawn Barber doesn't view it as a desert either. Instead she calls it a rich dessert .

The kind of man I’d marry would want his wife to stay home and raise his children instead committing them to the institutionalized “care” of people who couldn’t possibly care for them as much as I could or know them half as well, while he works outside the home. My roles would be godly wife, partner, homemaker, teacher (for home schooling), and whatever else God assigned. If I expect my husband to be the main breadwinner, he’ll have certain expectations of me.(snip)

About my marital state, while I love to write and hope I never have to give it up, it would be a distant second if I were married with children. If I managed to squeeze in a tiny bit of writing time, it would be icing on an already rich cake.

If you'd like to read the story on why I chose home click here.

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