Friday, June 17, 2005

I was never good at keeping a secret....

....and this one was hard to keep. But since Gena Suarez, the Publsiher of The Old Schoolhouse announced it on her blog so I guess that means I'm free to tell. Here's some of what she wrote,
Christine Field (HomeFieldAdvantage) and Karen Braun (Spunky Homeschool) will be heading up a new column in our print magazine, The Old Schoolhouse, just on BLOGS.
It will be a feature in the print magazine on homeschool blogs and blogging. The magazine comes out four times a year. And in each magazine, I will feature a blogger and a few tips on blogging. I am excited to work with Gena, Chris (a great author), and the incredibly talented staff at The Old Schoolhouse. Their print magazine is very well done. (If you don't have a subscription, now is a great time with the 19 free gifts their offering.)

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