Friday, June 03, 2005

HSLDA sets the record straight in CA

It's always interesting and fun to watch public school officials try to exert pressure on homeschoolers and create their own rules. Such was the case last Friday when an attendance officer in Gilroy, CA published this editorial in which he stated,
Interestingly, there is no exemption in the California Education Code for “home schools.” In other words, education code does not recognize the term “home school” and therefore does not exempt students from compulsory attendance if they are, in layperson’s terms, being home schooled.
HSLDA has responded with this correction to the misrepresentation.
California recognizes this fundamental right pursuant to the private school exemption which is found at Ed Code sec. 48222. Although many of states have specifically recognized homeschooling by way of statute, California, like 11 other states, recognizes homeschooling through the private school exemption. Home educators that have established a private school in their home are under the same law as the brick-and-mortar private school down the street.
If you live in California it's worth reading the letter and HSLDA's response. I am amazed that in CA, a state that supports just about every lifestyle imaginable has such a problem with homeschooling. Their laws seem to be more alot restrictive than here in Michigan.

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