Tuesday, June 21, 2005

HSLDA and Patrick Henry College

Let's keep the conversation on HSLDA going. It is very interesting to me. Especially since there are things going on in VA that involve the homeschoolers and HSLDA's involvement in those events. (Worth a look, I believe both sides of the issue are meeting today. I could not find a link to HSLDA's position.)

If you would like to tell me what you think about HSLDA
it's all happening here.

On a slight tangent.......

A few may not be aware that many of the founders of HSDLA have also started a college in VA called
Patrick Henry College. The New Yorker has just published a piece on Patrick Henry College . At the "Harvard for Homeschoolers" as many call it, the students stand out in sharp contrast to the students at so many major universities. The large majority of which come from a home education background.

Homeschoolers are not the most obvious raw material for a college whose main mission, since its founding, five years ago, has been to train a new generation of Christian politicians. Politics, after all, is the most social of professions, and many students arrive at Patrick Henry having never shared a classroom with anyone other than their siblings. In conservative circles, however, homeschoolers are considered something of an √©lite, rough around the edges but pure—in their focus, capacity for work, and ideological clarity—a view that helps explain why the Republican establishment has placed its support behind Patrick Henry, and why so many conservative politicians are hiring its
I am sure there are problems at Patrick Henry and not it's not for everyone. But it is great to see a college thriving on the personal discipline and hard work of the children and a conservative Christian tradition in the faculty.

(Thanks to my friends in Chicago for letting me know about this article. We miss you Lindsey!)

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