Friday, June 10, 2005

Homeschool Talk Radio

If you haven't heard about it yet it's wonderful. An internet radio show dedicated to homeschooling produced by homeschool mom Lynda Menegotti. This week she interviewed homeschooler Christina Routon about her new e-book and surviving her first year of homeschooling. This weeks show also featrues

Homeschoolers in Business: Samuel Harris & Daniel McClintock (homeschool graduates) talk about how the started

Summer Planning : Communication Expert JoJo Tabares from gives us a few ideas for how to include small children in the planning process.

Tips to Go for Parents Today: Jodie Lynn answers a question about how to structure your day when working from home

She interviewed me yesterday for a ashow that will be on early next week. The website is interesting and fun to read..I mean listen to. I think new and veteran homeschoolers are going to benefit from Lynda's passion for homeschooling and desire to encourage homeschoolers around the world. The internet is truly an amazing place to learn about people we might otherwise never hear about isn't it?

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