Monday, June 06, 2005

Getting to know you!

Thinks have been a little serious on my blog lately. I love the conversations that have been taking place and I'm always challenged when others share their thoughts and opinions. (Thanks Anne and Victoria and Kimberly.) You all have provided me with much to think and blog about. I haven't forgotten about the husband issue either. I'm still working it.

But in an effort to lighten the mood, I thought I'd share a list my daughter wrote today. We are reading
Because of Winn Dixie. And in one of the chapters the father shares 10 things to his daughter about her mother. So as a writing assignment, the children wrote out the some things to describe their mother. My nine year old daughter Elizabeth summarized me quite well. Here's her list.

1. She loves to write.
2. She likes to cook.
3. She is known as Spunky.
4. She loves to take her children to the grocery store.
5. She likes coffee.
6. She likes to buy her kids sweets.
7. She loves to read her kids books.
8. She hates the house a mess.
9. She is a nice mother.

So if you care to share how would your children describe you?

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