Friday, June 17, 2005


I attended my first homeschool convention when my oldest child was nearing school age in 1992. One of the first things I noticed was how few fathers attended such events. Mine included. (My husband had an "excused absence" he was working full time and attending night school for an MBA I went with a friend.) There were a few brave souls who did venture out into the maze of books and workshops but not many.

Over the years, I have seen this changing for the better. The last few conventions I attended were much better attended by fathers and they had special workshops encouraging them. A fun title at one convention was "Help! My wife wants to homeschool now what am I supposed to do?"

Truly, fathers are an indispensable part of homeschooling. Let's face it we wouldn't even have the children to homeschool without them!

Fathers differ in so many ways. Some are very hands on an involved others are more reserved and offer guidance only when asked. That's a good thing not a bad one. The problem is, many times mothers think the fathers should be something different than what they are. The wife with an involved husband wishes he were less so. The father who is more reserved frustrates the woman who desires her husband to "just take the lead" for a change.

The challenge for most of us is to honor the man we married not the one we wished we married. (He doesn't exist anyway!)

So this Father's Day give your husband a gift he'll never forget and you'll never regret...a wife who truly honors her husband.

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