Friday, June 10, 2005

Errors in Education

Here's an excerpt from Convers Francis Discourse on Errors in Education written in 1828. That was BEFORE he became a Harvard professor of pulpit eloquence and the pastoral care.
We are told, that when Antipater demanded of the Lacedemonians fifty of their children as hostages, they replied that they would rather surrender fifty of the most eminent men in the state, whose principles were already formed than children to whom the want of early instruction would be a loss altogether irreparable. The Spartans were wise; and shall Christians be less so? Oh no; - for we believe that our labor cannot perish even with life;- we believe that, even if inscrutable providence of God removes these objects of affection from us, neither the pleasure they have poured into our hearts, nor the good we have imparted to them will, or can, be lost.
Do they even have a Professor of pulpit eloquence and pastoral care at Harvard anymore? I guess it's ust more evidence of the "Errors in Education" that Mr. Francis obviously saw back in the 1800's. I wonder what he'd say today?????

(The excerpt was taken from the Introduction to the
Mother's Book by Mrs. Child published in 1831.)

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