Tuesday, May 17, 2005

My Favorite Things (and people)

One of my early frustrations after teaching my children to read was finding quality books. I desired books that would captivate my children's imagination and inspire them to pursue a life in Christ. But on their reading level.

My good friend Renee Taft Meloche has published a series for children that fits that standard. The books are based on the lives of different missionaries and historical figures. They are written in poetry form with quality illustrations. And best all, Renee has an accompanying CD available where she narrates the stories. The books are written for children ages 6 to 8. And they provide a great bridge into chapter books. There are currently about 20 books in the series.

These books are a favorite with my younger girls. Renee has also developed a Sunday school curriculum that uses these books. It should be availabe in a few weeks. You can order the books at
Youth With A Mission.
(Disclaimer: My husband was a groomsman in Renee's wedding.)

Very few men have the determination to stand up to the filth that Hollywood and the media puts out. Bill Johnson is a man who does. He heads up the American Decency Association. He has faithful and sacrificially stood up to the pornography industry and people like Howard Stern and said "I'm not going to let you get away with this!" He also keeps you updated on the corporate advertisers who sponsor the garbage on TV. I encourage you to stop by his website and get on his e-mail list. It is wealth of information and inspiration. Pornography is a marriage destroyer and Bill fights relentlessly to stop it. He truly is a man willing to stand in the gap.
(Disclaimer: My husband is on the board but does not receive compensation.)

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