Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday musings

Does anybody have any "BRAINO"? There are so many things swirling through my mind today and I need a little help getting the blog out.

Here's some of what's clogging my brain.

Andrea asked about favorite homeschool books. I have read fair number of books on this topic over the years. And to be perfectly honest they are not my favorite things to read. But one that does stand out would have to be the original Charlotte Mason series published in the 1800's. (not the modern rewrites). There are 5 volumes and cover every aspect of education and family life. I don't neccessarily have a "Charlotte Mason" philosophy in my home but I did find the books very good reading. If you had to pick one book what would yours be?

2. What does it mean to be "properly socialized"? Derek made the comment that some homeschooler are
poorly socialized after Micheal Smith talked about a new "conventional wisdom" on the topic of socialization. That's a myth that has been dispelled and a discussion I really don't care to have. But I am curious, what does it means to be properly socialized anyway? I would love to know how you define that term?

3. It appears some people are abusing the law and using
homeschooling as a way to escape truancy violations in Michigan. Are there really that many people claiming this or is this a trumped up charge to create more regulation for homeschoolers in our state?

4. And if the state really wants to get serious about violations and abuse they might want to start with their
own teachers abusing the students To the parents with children in the public schools I ask, "Who is watching your children? Do you really know? Can you trust them?" People choose their cars with such care but just seem to accept the teachers that their children are assigned. That has always puzzled me.

And here's a few non-educational thoughts...

5. LaShawn Barber posted a comment here about Christian woman bloggers after I emailed and asked her for an opinion. I found her comments honest and insightful. She said,
I admit my interest in politics often overrides concerns I may have bout what is or isn't appropriate for me to blog about as a Christian woman. No two Christians will ever agree about what is appropriate, though.
LaShawn also blogged about faith based blogging at a conference she attended. For me, this issue still lives in my mind and probably will as long as I keep on blogging. It's also nice to know that there are some mortal humans who are willing to talk to adorable little rodents.

6. A few people have asked me to share my story about how Steve and I got together and I've been putting it off. My anniversary is coming up (19 years) maybe I should share it then. But I guess I'm a little fearful that after you read it you might think me a bit nuts and decide I haven't been properly socialized despite my public school background.

7. There was a sad story of a mom and her 2 children who were
killed last week by a drunk driver going 70 mph here in the Detroit area. It really got to me. The man was still legally drunk 24 hours later. I think about Kristin driving now and wonder if I ever want my children out on the road. Not because I don't trust my daughter it's everybody else I'm wondering about. Do mothers ever stop worrying about their children?

8. That makes me want to thank my wonderful family for the
surprise post on my blog. I love you all very much! Thanks for a wonderful Mother's Day. You are all a treasured gift from God.

Well, the brain cells are moving and the thoughts are flowing freely to the fingers once again relief at last. But, if your brain needs to be declogged feel free to share what's on your mind today.

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