Sunday, May 29, 2005

Meet a Marine Wife who Homeschools

Most of us who home educate have days where we count the hours until our husband returns from work and is available to help lighten the load. Even when my husband had to travel for his job, I knew that it wouldn't be for more than a few days. But Jennifer doesn't count the hours, she counts the months. That's because this mom with four sons is married to a Marine who is stationed in Kuwait.

Four days after Jennifer and her husband said "I do", they reported for duty at Quantico. So much for a glamorous honeymoon in an exotic location. But Jennifer has a great attitude and a willingness to do what the Lord has called her to do . And nine and a half years later, while her husband is "playing in the sandbox" she plays with her boys in the Carolinas.

Her sons ages are 7, 5, 3, and 19 months. He second has Asperger's Syndrome and they suspect the third does as well. But Jennifer jokes that the biggest challenge is dealing with her unsdisciplined "ADD" self. But she adds that this all provides fertile ground for the Lord to work and also gives her great material to blog about. (Her blog Blestwithsons is great!)

Jennifer and her husband do enjoy one advantage many others in the military do not. Her husband is a operations planning officer and so he has a personal computer. So they are able to communicate by e-mail. And he reads her blog!

Jennifer is able to find additional support from others on base who homeschool. The military does provide schools for the children but Jennifer and her husband share a strong commitment to homeschooling the boys. She has also found many fellow homeschoolers at her church and this has helped ease the burden at times. And she adds that the abundance of homeschool blogs has given her support right at her fingertips.

Their future in the military is uncertain. They will probably be in the military for another 3 years with the next post being non-deployed and hopefully a better family arrangement. Her husband has plans of doing a full 20 years but they haven't made any commitments.

I must say that I admire Jennifer and many others like her who are willing to sacrifice so much of their own comfort to defend this country. With four energetic boys and a husband overseas, Jennifer, deserves a medal of honor in my book. But I am sure that Jennifer is not doing this for the personal praise. Her reward will be an eternal one given by a Heavenly Father who will one day say to her "well done my good and faithful servant enter now into the joy of my rest!"

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