Saturday, May 14, 2005

I'm not superstitious

Yesterday was Friday the 13th. So I thought I'd start a new feature here at Spunky Homeschool and whenever it's Friday the 13th I publish exactly what I did that day. So here goes.

4:30 AM. Woke up. Tossed and turned for over an hour. Praying for my friend's son who was scheduled to have brain surgery today.

5:30 Fell back asleep.

7:30 Hubby wakes up. Kids come wandering in one at a time until our bed is creaking under the weight of it all.

8:00 Bible, Breakfast, and a little blogging. More praying for my friend.

9:00 Start my "real work". I inspect the boys' room. Spotless as usuual. They are Young Marines and keeping their room neat is a requirement. Moving over to the girls room. Messy as expected. They do try to keep things in order but with four girls in one small room. It's tough. Grace is necessary in a stressful situation. The girls and I chat about needing another bedroom. I tell them to pray and that if it was a need that God will supply it because he supplies all our needs. I told them that I am praying for another dresser because Elaina's clothes can't stay in a plastic box forever! God shall supply all my needs.

10:00 Called my friend to see if he was in surgery yet. No answer. A friend pulls in the driveway unexepectedly. Thankfully the mess is only in the upper quarters and the downstairs look's like it normally does. (We enjoy a very traditional lived in look.)

My friend and I chat about getting her started in homeschooling. I loan her a few books. Then she asks if I need a dresser. Her daughter has 2 and they are looking to get rid of one. Yes! Yes! Yes! My God has supplied all my needs. (It is a little unbelievable but than I serve an awesome God!)

11:30 Friend leaves. Lunch time. PBJ again. I pray again for my friend.

12:00 Clean up. Put baby down for a nap. I was going to go buy flowers in the morning. Now it looks like rain. I decide to go anyway. Katie and I go pick out some petunias, marigolds, and begonias. (Her Mother's Day gift to me.) The others do their school work and practice their instruments.

1;30 Arrive home just at the first crack of thunder and lightening. I decide to bake cookies since I can't plant the flowers. Help Elizabeth with long division and check my blog.

3:30 My husband then tells me that we need to have a very important meeting. I grin. That means a trip to Starbuck's. Kristin finishes the cookies and we go. The rain is gone and the sun is shining. We walk around town and sit in the park for a while.

4:30 I tell him I'm hungry for a burger. We go to the "Burger Spot" for a yummy southwestern. I call Kristin and tell her to start dinner without me. (I love having older children!)

5:30 I help finish dinner and clean up. (I'm still full from my burger.)

6:30 Elizabeth, Kristin and I go to the fabric store to buy a gift certificate for her friend's birthday party. My friend calls while we are driving. God is good. They were able to get out the tumor and her son is going to be just fine. The tumor had been called inoperable when he was 7. He is 19 now. God is good. She asks me to make a some phone calls to a few friends. God truly does hear our prayers.

8:00 Steve and I go to our friend's house to pick up the dresser and visit for a while.

9:30 Clean up the house. Check my blog. Go to bed.

All in all a pretty eventful day. Nothing went the way I planned it. But the miracles are as obvious as the God who performed them. Have a great weekend and don't forget to treat the kiddos to a
free frosty.

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