Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A House Warming Party

Jenna and Molly have joined up to begin a new web site called Choosing Home. It is a site dedicated to encouraging women to be Godly wives and mothers. They are looking for bloggers to share the story of how you made the decision to be a "full-time-at-home" woman, tips on how to make the transition from career to home-worker, perks and benefits of being at home, difficulties you've overcome, cultural assumptions and lies about "housewives," and the list goes on... (Obviously this will pertain more to women than to men, but men are by no means excluded and are welcome to share about the importance of home life as well).

The deadline is May 25 to submit posts and the "party" will be on June 1. I'm already working on my entry and I encourage you to as well.


And while on the subject of blogs. I am still slowly getting my blog roll updated. I would love to have bloggers from all 50 states. If you don't see your name and would like to be added let me know. (I'm still working on convention entries but it's okay to be pushy and remind me again.)

I now have a site feed. But am clueless how to use it. If anyone can give me any advice let me know. Also, if anyone can give me any tips on RSS feed. I would be forever grateful. I am trying to figure the whole thing out and it just keeps getting more and more confusing.

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