Monday, May 09, 2005

Fake Hate and the Real World

Michelle Malkin is posting about a young lady in a high school in Florida who faked a hate crime against herself just to get attention. This must be part of the "proper socialization" that so many people want my children to experience.

Well our humble little homeschool nestled here in the midwest didn't need to fake such a crime. Our "sheltered children" experienced a taste of the real world a few years (2001) back that still affects our household today.

Our house was vandalized by neighborhood bullies who sprayed painted the siding, garage door, windows, and van with obscenities, religious slurs, and derogatory symbols. It was hideous and full of hate towards our family and our faith. But not according to the county prosecutor. The officer explained that if we were black, gay, or Muslim, we would be front page news but since we are white Christians he told us that nothing would be done. He said that since the paint could be washed off there was no "real damage" and that he was sorry. Even after we were able to figure out who did it on our own they still refused to do anything. It seems that hate only comes in certain "colors" and "styles" these days.

So instead my children got an excellent education that night and a taste of the "real world".

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