Monday, May 30, 2005

Anniversary Weekend Round Up

My son, Jason (14) gave his first public speech today (Memorial Day). He spoke in front of US Congressman McCotter, his commander of the Young Marines, an audience of over 200, and his very nervous mother! He did great! Seeing him up there was surprisingly emotional for me. There's a few pics over at Spunky Jr.'s if you want to take a peek.

This was also the weekend to celebrate our Family's Birthday. This is a tradition started a few years back when my son, Josh, asked when the family birthday was. After thinking a moment, I replied that I thought it would probably be on May 31, 1986 the day we were married. That was the day God birthed our family. They all quickly decided that we needed to celebrate that day as a family birthday. (Any excuse for a party!)

So on our anniversary, we take a tour of Ann Arbor and visit all the places where we used to live, with the dorms at UM being the starting point. (We lived in Bursley for any UM grads.) As we drive along, we tell them different stories of our student years, courtship, and married life. The day is finished off at the A & W with coney dogs. (A & W stands for Anniversary Weekend) and an ice cream at our favorite spot.

As the children have gotten older, this time becomes more special to me. Kristin is only two years younger than I was when I went to UM. It is strange to walk around campus with her. She fits in and I look...well like the mothers I remember seeing visiting campus when I was a freshman.

We enjoy this tradition tremendously. Our lives are shorter than we think and it is fun to take a weekend to remember what God has done both in our nation and in our family.

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