Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Who defines success

Two quotes in this article caught my eye from a forum on education held for black parents in Indiana.

"Education must be viewed as a vehicle to economic success," Patricia Jones, who oversees student services for Decatur Township Schools
and the response of a parent who attended this forum was this

"My son wants so bad to succeed. I want to help him do that."
It made me think back to this conversation I had with a mother about education a while back and I asked her this question

Why do you care that your son knows anything about anything?"

She paused momentarily and then said, "Well, I guess I would like for him to make a good living for himself so that he can afford to do the things that he wants to do and to be happy. And a good education will do that won't it?"

"Sure it will, but let's take that and move forward about 30 years. Your son is now a famous millionaire who can afford to travel the world. You are back here in Michigan sitting in a nursing home. He pays all your bills but only visits sporadically. He is happy but you are ignored and miserable. Would you consider yourself a success at the education you have provided?"

"No", she admitted. She began to realize that academics was only a part of a well educated adult..

Sucesses in education has different definitions depending on who is defining it. The schools have one main objective and it is driven by economics and what's best for the state. Parents have other considerations. New homeschooler Victoria at HomeSchool Mom Tips knows this and alerts us to the fact that home education is on the rise amongst blacks. I hope the parents in Indiana realizes it as well before it's too late.


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