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Keynote Speaker: Classical Child
Workshop: Can I Provide a First Class(ical) Education on a Coach Budget?
Description: Christine explains how to do a classical curriculum on a shoestring. Some people feel that they cannot homeschool because they don’t have very much money for curriculum and other materials. This is not an insurmountable problem; it just takes a little ingenuity and creativity to save money and still provide a top-notch education. First we must understand that a homeschool does not need most of the equipment that a public school classroom needs. Why buy teddy bear counting manipulatives for fifteen dollars when you have a two dollar bag of dry beans in the cupboard?

If you are a featured speaker would you please let your readers know the convention is open.

Featured Speaker: Work at Home Consulting
Description: Molly shares what to do and what not to do with your toddlers and preschoolers. She draws from her experience as a Pre-K educator and as a mom of 4 soon to be 5 young children.

Featured Speaker: Austen's Parenting with a Purpose
There is a Time for Everything Under Heaven
Description: Julie discusses her over arching principle for life is: To live all of life for the glory of God. All the things we do must therefore come under this heading or...we shouldn't do it. And then goes on to talk about a Convental Family and how that is lived out in their home.

Featured Speaker: Routon Family Homeschool
Description: Christina wrote this article last December after a very emotional argument / discussion with her family that was partially about homeschooling. She was reading “Little House in the Ozarks” and made some notes regarding Laura Ingalls Wilder’s views on education, specifically education in the home. Her words made Christina feel more confident about schooling her son at home and gave her encouragement during a difficult time.

Featured Speaker: Guilt Free Homeschooling
Description: Carolyn recounts her family's experiences inhomeschooling, made easier and lighter by eliminating the heavy load of guilt which so often accompanies homeschooling: am I doing enough;am I doing it right? This post embodies most of her advice to new homeschool moms: do your best, and give God the rest.

Featured Speaker: Agent Tim
Tolerating the Intolerable
Description: Tim Sweetman, a 15-year-old writer for Virtue Magazine, takes on the tolerant and pluralistic society in his essay Tolerating the Intolerable. He attempts to show the fallacies in the tolerant and pluralistic worldview. But can he do it? Well, you’ll have to read to find out…rest.

Featured speaker: Alice in Texas
Workshop: On Homeschooling
Description: Alice's top 10 reasons that she chooses to homeschool, some examples, and a pithy comment on what educating children is (should be) about.

Featured Speaker: My Three Pennies
Workshop: Top Ten Reasons I Homeschool
Description: Molly gives us her top ten reasons for homeschooling her children.

Featured Speaker: Poppins Classical Academy
Workshop I: Loving the Mothers We Are
Description: One of the hardest jobs we face is learning to appreciate the mothers we are. Like thieving quilters we steal bits of other mothers, from dreams, books and playground conversations, and stitch them together into an ideal mother.

Workshop II: Feminism and Homeschooling
Description: Are feminism and homeschooling incompatable concepts? Only if we use the stereotyped defninitions. I explore how the concepts are actually mutually supportive and explain how feminist studies in university actually helped push me farther along the path that led to the choice to homeschool.

Featured Speaker: A Typical Life (Andrea)
Homeschooling Babies and Toddlers
Description: Andrea tells us that homeschooling babies and toddlers is easier than you think. And yes, it is enough.

Featured Speaker: A Typical Life (Ron)
What About Socialization?
Description: Ron answers the question most frequently asked of homeschoolers. And reveals that the truth is children get socialized wherever they are.

Featured Speaker:
Relaxed Homeskool
Dissecting Owl Pellets
Description: Kim dissects the wonderful world of science and owl pellets and discovers that it was more fun than she thought.

Featured Speaker:
Press On
A Typical Day
Description: Laney tells about the joy of reading Because of Winn Dixie and the different conversations that when on throughout the day.

Featured Speaker:
Jumping In
The Rhythm of Our Days
Description: Gina gives us summary of what is taking place in their family after 1 and ½ months of homeschooling.

Featured Speaker:
My Two Cents
Am I Missing Something
Description: Julie shares a cute story involving a snail and her children. It captures the essence of what unschooling is in their family.

Featured Speaker
: O’Donnell Web
The Two Income Myth
Description: It’s accepted wisdom in the US today that familieis need two incomes I order to survive. People often question how educating families survive on one income. The reality is the second income is many cases is not worth nearly as much as most people believe.

Featured Speaker: Here In the Bonny Glen
Life On the Trail
Description: Melissa shares about life on a rabbit trail that her family explored, what books and games they encountered along the way and how the experience struck her as a metaphor for her homeschooling journey

Featured Speaker: Musings Of Micah Girl
Workshop: How to be a fearless expert in homeschooling
Description: Micah encourages us to trust our instincts and become an expert in educating our children.

Featured Speaker: Mungo’s Mathoms
Workshop:Something Completely Different
Description: This is a chapter from a book-in-progress about Latin Centered Classical Education. It focuses on how to stream line the curriculum to focus on a few key subjects in depth.

Featured Speaker: Reflections of the Times
Workshop: How Do You Get It All Done
Description: Carla shares a realistic and honest look at how as a mom of 7 beautiful children she gets it all done.

Featured Speaker: Homeschoolpedia
Workshop: Chemistry and the Periodic Table
Description: Don’t let the topic keep you from visiting this blog. Mark shares about the topic of chemistry in this post. His website is updated daily with interesting posts such as this and how to use the interactive web in home education. A true goldmine of information.

Featured Speaker: I Have To Say
Workshop: Why Homeschool
Decription: Randi shares their family’s answer to the question. And it all comes down to the TRUTH.

Featured Speaker: HomeSchool Mom Tips
Workshop: Homeschooling America’s Hope For the Future
Description: Victoria describes the hope that homeschooling families provide for children in America. By serving as role models for healthy, connected, godly families, homeschoolers can show other families that there is another way and we can help by giving direction on how to get there.

Featured Speaker: Mental Multivitamin
Workshop I: About College
Description: Mental Multivitam shares how they’ve lost the unwavering commitment to the idea that college is the natural right, or even desirable next stop for today’s high school graduate—no matter what his SAT scores, transcript, and favorite teachers may say.
Workshop II: From the Worth Repeating Files (about reading)
Description: the conventional wisdom is that allowing young the conventional wisdom is that allowing young minds to indulge in the equivalent of mental M&Ms is bad arenting, capital B, capital P. As you may have guessed by now, I am anything but conventional. Here's my recipe for growing readers, thinkers, and autodidacts...

Featured Speaker: Palm Tree Pundit
Amo, Amas, Amat
Description: Anne shares the importance of learning Latin in her Classical home in Paradise.

Featured Speaker: Stephan Fassman
What We Study So Our Children Can Study Good Things
Description: Stephan says , we learn to teach so we can teach our children to be successful.

Featured Speaker: School At Home
Reading to our kids
Description: In an average month our family reads between 100-200 children's storybooks out loud. I often get asked how we manage this. Here are some tips on how we accomplish this and my blog contains reading lists for the past year.

Featured Speaker: Semicolon
Homeschooling by Grace
Description: Homeschooling by Grace is a post in which I answer some questions from my niece who was considering homeschooling her kindergartener. I give some specifics, but the bottom line is: "Learn together and enjoy it. Read lots of books.

Featured Speaker: Homeschool Encourager Online
: Homeschoolers Do Well In Geography
Description: A "Geographer" studying homeschooling notes that homeschoolers by and large excel in geography, testing high in most states. She comments also, that homeschoolers view geography as "integral to learning." This got me thinking, Why is that?

Featured Speaker: Live Free Learn Free
Unschooling On April Fool’s Day
Description: Shana describes a "typical unschooling day" that really is typical. No museums, no amazing park days, no profound insights. Just a normal day.

Featured Speaker: SCHOLA
: Lynne shares a few tips for staying focused and sane during your homeschool venture. By someone who thinks she knows what she's talking about.

Featured Speaker: Under His Wings
Thoughts of a Homeschool Mom
Description: Jenny shares from a mom’s heart about homeschooling.

Featured Speaker:
Bezahlt (dot) org
On Being A Homeschool Dad
Description: Ever wonder what an a typical day is like for a homeschooling dad? Find out...Here’s 24 Hours in the Life of a Homeschooling Dad

Featured Speaker: The Crib Chick
Stay at Home KidsDescription: Jill shares that the way you describe your situation reveals a lot about how you see it. She has decided it’s time for a change of terminology?

Featured Speaker: Large Family Logistics
Workshop I:
How Do You Do It All
: Learn how to balance keeping the home and teaching the children.
Workshop II:
Teaching Your Child To Be Self Teaching
Are you short on time and long on children? Learn how create self-teaching students.

Featured Speaker: Journaling Through The Valley
Workshop: Homeschooling is Memory Making

Description: Loni’s blog is dedicated to journaling through the valley after the death of her 16 year old son last December. This post talks about homeschooling memories as she prepares pictures for scrapbooking.

Featured Speaker: dbctan
Workshop: The ABC's of Homeschooling

: David tells us what it is like to homeschool in Malaysia. He has two children's and shares the ABC’s of Homeschooling Acceptance, Balance, and Conviction.

Featured Speaker: Thought of the Day
Words From a Homeschool Graduate
Description: Amy explains her basic view of what homeschooling is all about. In 2002, she graduated from the Inge Homeschool Academy. She writes, “I loved homeschooling, and I can't wait until I can homeschool my own children.”

Featured Speaker: Digital Creations For Christ
Called Out To Homeschool
Description: The Sieberts tell that they feel called by God to homeschool much like a missionary family feels called to the field.

Featured Speaker: Liberty Family Resources
The Goal of Education
Description: Steve looks at the goal of eeducation and examines the issues in light of biblical truth. What is God’s purpose in instructing children? What does He want to accomplish through us as parents in training them? These issues must be clearly understood in order to educate our children biblically.

Featured Speaker: Freestyle Learners
Homeschooling that Bears Fruit
Description: Sue is exploring ways to think about simplifying the homeschooling process whenever possible.

Featured Speaker: Homeschool Mom Tips
Homeschooling America’s Hope for the Future
Description: This article describes the hope that homeschooling families provide for children in America. By serving as role models for healthy, connected, godly families, homeschoolers can show other families that there is another way and we can help by giving direction on how to get there.

Featured Speaker: Principled Mom
Biblical Principles of Mathematics
Description: Anne Marie posts about the biblical principles found in mathematics. Offers insight from the scriptures on the character of God found in math. Also provides more info on the Principle Approach(tm) philosophy of education.

Featured Speaker: Stand Up and Walk
When Their Not Your Own
Description: Helping to raise stepchildren is a troublesome issue at times. Step parents face great challenges in trying to work for the best of the children. This is my learning from dealing with children that are "not my own" for the last 8 years and a little insight I have received from having one of my own.

Featured Speaker: Grace Reigns
Workshop: Why I Can't Live Up to the Standard

Description: Paula explores why it is difficult to live up to the expectations we have about home schooling. She shares how to find a positive balance in the home and education.

Featured Speaker: Adrenalin
Workshop: A Drummer's Life

Description: Jason, a homeschooling teen, takes a few minutes to talk about drumming and the many ways he is able to use it. Even when his wrist is broken.

Featured Speaker: Spunky Jr.
Workshop: Why I Am Blessed

Description: Kristin, a homeschooling teen, shares the many blessings of her life.

Featured Speaker: Spunky Homeschool
Workshop: Outsourcing Parenthood

Description: Spunky looks at how parents have slowly given up the discipleship of their children over to the schools.

Workshop: Why I Started This Blog
Description: Spunky's too tired to write any more descriptions. The title is self explanatory and by the looks of this convention...I think she fulfilled her purpose.

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