Saturday, April 16, 2005

Victory in North Carolina

There was legislation that would have changed the jurisdiction for homes educators in North Carolina. But through persistance home educators were able to squash it. That's good news. Read the whole opinion but I thought this portion was great.
You don't need legislative authority to secede from your local schools. You don't need to establish another separate bureaucracy to oversee the education of your children. You don't need to entrust your kids to the lottery of learning that comes with any publicly funded system. No, you already have another, better option. Some 28,746 families in North Carolina have proven that it is possible for students to excel in the smallest imaginable school system -- in homes. You already have the right to break what binds you to the whims of school boards and education bureaucrats, by teaching your own children. And if you believe that the schools are failing to properly educate your kids, then it is your duty to pull them out of the system and do it yourself, if you can't find or afford another acceptable alternative. Homeschooling is no longer out of the mainstream. You probably already know a family doing it. Most of those children are well adjusted and perform great academically. Think you can't do it? Sure, there is fear of the unknown, but that exists when you send your kids to public school, too. You are your children's most important teacher in the first place.

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