Friday, April 08, 2005

Thank God it's Friday

Blogger has been frustrating and The Wizard of Oz has sapped me of my energy so I will take this occassion to share a few things about myself because my brain just can't concentrate on anything more significant . So here goes.


The name Spunky is not because I want to remain anonymous.
It is a nickname my father gave me when I entered college. Nicknames are usually given way before then but he started calling me this when I was about 18 and it stuck.


Child birth does not come easy to me.
The common assumption is that I must have easy pregnancies and deliveries. Not so. I have had 6 children and 2 miscarriages. Of my six, 5 were born by cesarean section. Now, I know what you’re thinking. But it’s okay to have that many and I hope to have a few more Lord willing. My first 5 were born in seven years. Our latest addition was born a year and a half ago. Here's a family photo.

Spunky's Family

I decided to homeschool when I was a freshman in college in 1981. I met a family that homeschooled and I liked what I saw in them. I decided that if I ever married and had children I would home educate. God was faithful and provided a husband who had the same vision.


I don’t judge those that do not homeschool. A friend once said to me, “you must not like the public schools and that’s why you homeschool.” I replied, “by that logic I must also assume that you don’t like homeschooling because you public school.” Neither assumption is fair. We each walk a journey before the Lord. It is HE not me that we all answer to.


I am the fourth of five children. My mother had 4 daughters and a son in less than 5 years. No twins. A large family is a part of my heritage. Counting my children we have 22 grandchildren who are all home educated. It is my desire that my children also desire to raise more Godly children. (I’m hoping each of my 6 have 6 for a total of 36 grand children. And then they each have 6 for a whopping 216 great grand children.)


I became a Christian while on spirng break my freshman year while on a trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I met my future husband my junior year (1984). We married in 1986. I will get to the story of my courtship soon.


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