Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Press Release

Okay a few people have e-mailed commenting on my press release. Here is a sample,
Hi, As a current homeschool mom (Christian) and a former director of communications, I have a couple of comments about your press release. Not sure if you were aware but there were numerous inconsistent spellings of homeschool/home school and typos in your release-school was mis spelled twice in two different ways-not a really good reflection on homeschooling. I truly applaud your efforts but in the interest of homeschoolers and of the public relations profession, please proof (and have others read) your material before submitting for distribution.
Here is my response. I will post it here in the event others thought the same thing.
Thank you so much for you input. I had no intention of EVER sending out this press release. I was just messing around on their website and it sent it out on it's own. The website said free but it asked for payment after I gave some initial information and I did not pay them anything. That is when I left the site. Never intending to send it. I never proofed it or anything. Or even saved it. They then sent me a message saying it was approved. I was shocked. And still am. I realize that the release had numerous errors. But the biggest one will never be understood by most people reading it. (That being that it should never have been sent!) Oh well. Live and learn. I had to laugh when I saw it show up and saw how many people hit my site because of it. I just hope that people are gracious enough to write as you did and then I can explain the situation. Otherwise, I must trust that God is at work in something bigger than me and humbly accept my human inability to control what God is doing. Also, please excuse any grammatical errors in this e-mail as well. I am doing my best to live up to the high standards that Christ has set out for me. I will press on knowing that in Christ all my sins are forgiven. Even the grammatical ones.
Oh well, no harm done and if anyone is looking for a way to pump up their site meter I've got a hot tip for you! (For those of you who have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about...you're not missing much.)


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